Nature Dancing
Nature Dancing (close up)
Jospeh Gray with WMUR's Erin Fehleu
“Windswept” 7 foot  Eagle carved from NH Granite
“Dance Me To The End Of Time” handcarved 6 foot tall man and a woman
“The Sentinel” Great Northern Owl hand carved from one piece of NH Granite
 “Romance in the Garden” handcarved from NH Granite in the winter of 2013/2014 for the opening exhibit of the   2014 Boston Flower Show
“Dance Me To The End Of Time” Carved from granite for the Maudslay Sculpture Walk, subsequently sold to the City of Newburyport for their Yankee clipper Trail
 “Dance Me To The End Of Time”
 “Dance Me To The End Of Time”
 “Dance Me To The End Of Time”
“Taking Flight” Handcarved from NY Bluestone , jury selected for The Fells Sculpture Walk
 “Determined” Handprints carved into a unique piece of granite, sold to a private collector in Gloucester MA
“The Enlightened One” Carved from one piece of limestone , in a private collection Hingham MA
“Split Personality”  Carved from a piece of granite, symbolizes my stone sculptor side and my stone artisan side
Rosecliff Mansion Hand carved oyster shells from VT Schist. Basalt column with hand etched globe spinning on pedestal. “The World is my Oyster” In the background is “Pondering” carved from VT Slate.
“Pondering” carved from VT Slate.
Verde Antique Angel
Granite woman with tear “Impasse”
“Inukshuk” 7 foot tall reproduction of Vancouver Olympic Symbol. Carved from NH Granite
Handcarved from one piece of NH Granite a Great Northern Owl perched on a stump
“Green Man” carved into a granite keystone of an outside fireplace I built
“Old Sage” carved from Verde Antique
“Angelina” a tribute to a Native American girl who left this earth too soon
Eagle carved from Iron Ore
“Marriage” carved from a piece of volcanic stone plucked from Lake winnipesaukee.
Hand carved granite Millstone
White Marble “ Reflective”
Soapstone “Bottom Feeder”
Soapstone “Whale’s Tail”
Soapstone whale “Cape Codder”
Hand carved from one piece of NH Granite. A Great Northern Owl “The Sentinel”
Etched Sailboat from Granite
“Native American Chief” carved from Iron Ore
4th Century BC Assyrian king carved from Limestone
Handcarved granite seals, a grandfather and his grandson
“Greek Tragedy” carved from granite
Baby Granite Seal
“Metamorphosis” carved a boulder hand split on Lake Winnipesaukee. Man emerging from the formation of Earth
“Native American Warrior” Winnipesaukee Granite
4th Century BC Assyrian relief reproduction , carved in Limestone
“Basalt Beauty” carved from volcanic lava columns formed in the Pacific Ocean
Carved Granite Seals
Verde Antique Angel
Boston Flower Show 2014
Newport Flower Show
Granite Osprey Private Collection Cape Cod
Oyster Shell Private Collection London
Oyster Shell Private Collection London
Oyster Shells carved from VT Schist Granite Pearl
7 foot hand carved eagle private collection Lake Winnipesaukee
Great Blue Heron private collection Gloucester MA
Overlooking Cranes Beach
Granite eagle displayed at juried exhibit The Fells
7 and a half foot foot tall Native American Chief "Exodus"
Selfie with Exodus
Hand engraved keystone "Fire"
Iron Ore "Solitary Eagle"
"Solitary Eagle" Iron Ore
Two Great Blue Heron's displayed at Newburyport Art Association 2014 members show
Blue Hyacinth, White Tulips "Romance in the Garden"
"Romance in the Garden"
"Romance in the Garden"
2014 Boston Flower Show
"Determined" private collection Gloucester MA
My little Sculpture Owen on a granite bench now residing in a private collection on the coast of Maine
Hand carved Granite Eagle private collection on the coast of Maine
NH Holocaust Museum – Nashua,NH
See progress on the memorial to child victims as it evolves